AIDS Alabama South's team includes a professional staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences, all dedicated to building and strengthening our community about HIV and AIDS. The following list is organized by department and includes employee name, preferred gender pronoun, title, and extension (if available). Please feel free to contact us at any time by calling our front desk at 251-471-5277. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Careers & Internships page.

Shey Thorn (he/him), Co-Executive Director; Director of Prevention Education, EXT 6115

Candace Taylor, (she/her), Co-Executive Director; Social Worker Supervisor, EXT 6102

Kimberly McKeand (she/her), Director of Digital Media & Communications, EXT 6108

Linda Dennison (she/her), Operations Manager and Accounting, EXT 6107

Tiffinie Chase (she/her), Ryan White Eligibility Specialist & Linkage to Care Coordinator, EXT 6106

Shanmeshia Thompson (she/her), HIV Testing and Education Outreach Coordinator., EXT 6100
Chance Shaw (he/him), Prevention Outreach Coordinator, EXT 1001

Charolette Taylor, (she/her), Telemedicine Coordinator, EXT: 6105

Tex Copeland (they/them),  Social Worker, EXT 6104

Valante Reed, (she/her), ARAP Social Worker, EXT: 6103

LaTorrial Peyton, (she/her), Enroll Mobile Field Navigator, EXT 6110

Ashley Walker (she/her), Social Worker, EXT 6113

Jarvis Tunstall, (he/him), Food Bank Coordinator, EXT 6101

Danasia Cowans, (she/her), Rural and Minority Outreach, EXT 6112

Antonio Brito (he/him), Prevention Outreach, EXT 6109

Thomisina Sharpe, (she/her), Medical Director, EXT 6117

Rachael Carter, (she/her), Nurse Practioner, EXT 6116 

AIDS Alabama South Team