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The Board of Directors and Advisory Board at AIDS Alabama South is a group of distinguished community leaders who provide guidance, governance, and key fundraising support to help build and strengthen our community. These individuals bring considerable knowledge and experience, enabling AIDS Alabama South to focus on our shared vision and mission. 


Board of Directors

Anil Mujumdar, President

Charles Ball, Vice President

Joan Stelling, Treasurer

LaToya Melton, Secretary

Mary Lou Kevorkian,      

President’s Appointee

Jerry Powell, President’s Appointee

Jeremy Applebaum

Cynthia Boykin

Kevin Finney, ex officer

Nicolette Harvey

Annette Jackson

Gilbert D. Mobley, Jr.

Tyrome Tover

Richard M. Tucker

Ellen Williams


Advisory Board Members

Dr. Riley F. Trimm, III

Tammy VanArsdale​

Kelly Finley

Nicolette Harvey

Arthur Mack

Todd Duren

Chad Chapell

Natalie Fox

Suzanne Cleveland

Krista Presnall



Chief Executive Officer

Kathie M. Hiers

AIDS Alabama, Inc.


Co-Executive Directors

Candace Taylor and Shey Thorn

AIDS Alabama South, LLC

AIDS Alabama South's Board

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