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AIDS Alabama South's Health Education & Outreach programs seek to inform and teach the public about health equity as well as how to avoid HIV transmissions and to know your status. Research has shown that knowing your status and how to prevent HIV transmission are essential in order to eliminate HIV disease.

AIDS Alabama South's HIV education outreach includes:


Treatment educators help clients partner with their physicians to make informed choices and maximize the benefits of HIV treatments.


Prevention educators work with those who are at risk of contracting HIV and those who are at risk of transmitting the disease to stop the transmission of HIV in the community.


Our prevention educators conduct outreach to raise awareness about HIV prevention through testimonials to students, civic organizations, clubs and anyone interested in learning more about stopping the virus.

AIDS Alabama South's Prevention Education courses are designed to build community awareness about HIV, stigma and promote the health and well-being of people living with HIV. Our mission is to prevent or reduce the rate of HIV transmission throughout our community by providing various educational program components. AIDS Alabama South's HIV Education Programs are comprised of the following: 


  • HIV testing – Know your status in 20 minutes. 

  • Provide an HIV Education Speaker to local organizations, groups, and individuals 

  • Monthly groups for HIV+ individuals


HIV Education Speaker - AIDS Alabama South provides a high quality trained facilitator to help strengthen individual organizational competencies and knowledge about HIV and AIDS. Our training is intended to be judgment-free, trauma-informed and supportive spaces.  


Most of our services are mobile! In other words, education program services are offered at AIDS Alabama South or we can come to you for HIV testing and HIV Awareness events.


To Request an HIV Educator, email us Request a Speaker.


For more information about HIV Prevention, please contact Chance Shaw, Director of Prevention Education and Outreach, PrEP Navigator at AIDS Alabama South at 251-272-4339

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