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AIDS Alabama South offers social services by connecting clients with case managers who can provide them with a continuum of care which includes medical care, financial assistance, housing resources, nutrition support, individual and group counseling and transportation.

If you need help or have questions, please call 251-471-5277 EXT: 6102

and ask to speak with our Case Manager Supervisor.

Case Management

Case managers work with clients in strict confidence to facilitate links to medical and social service resources, to develop care plans, and to cultivate practical, social, and emotional support for people living with HIV and AIDS in our communities.

SS_Case Management

AIDS Alabama South's professional case managers conduct a supportive process of assessment, advocacy, intervention, and monitoring to maintain a client’s maximum level of health, stability, and self-sufficiency. Case managers work with clients in strict confidence to facilitate links to medical and social service resources, to develop care plans, and to cultivate practical, social, and emotional support for people living with HIV and AIDS in our communities.

Case managers start with a non-judgmental assessment of “where clients are” with respect to medical, psycho-social, financial, and daily living issues. Care plans and referrals to outside services are developed according to the client’s needs, strengths, and challenges. Clients may also consult with their case managers about sexuality concerns, drug and alcohol use, and mental health issues to achieve the best possible quality of life.

Case Managers can help with:

Our case managers can help with:

  • Linkage to medical care & treatment

  • Housing assistance

  • Emergency financial assistance for utilities, medication and insurance co-pays 

  • Direct transportation services for medically necessary healthcare and dental appointments

  • Crisis assessment and intervention

  • Oral healthcare assistance

  • Mental health therapy

  • Nutritional food and education

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Guidance pertaining to advance directives

  • Support groups

  • Health education

Eligibility for AIDS Alabama South's Case Management:

To qualify for free case management, clients must:

  • Show HIV verification

  • Be a resident or homeless in one of AIDS Alabama South's service territories

  • Demonstrate a need for case management, as assessed by a case manager. To be assessed, call 251.471.5277 EXT: 6102

Client Support Groups

AIDS Alabama South offers a wide range of educational and recreational activities for clients and their families.

SS_Client Support Groups

Positive Voice Network

Positive Voice Network (PVN) is a program to assist in the development of a grassroots advocacy group for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and issues surrounding specifically the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and legislation impacting health care, housing, and equitable funding but also social justice and economic opportunity.

The group recruits stakeholders and community leaders, and representatives from like minded organizations.  PVN  focuses on developing advocacy skills by hosting a series of training around advocacy and effective communication, professionalism, and the Affordable Care Act.

Dialogue and Triggers

Each summer Positive Voice Network hosts a summer program called Dialogue and Triggers. Dialogue and Triggers is a program sponsored by the Alabama Humanities Foundation. The chosen dialogue creates triggers that lead into discussions. This simple format of a film/book club allows PVN members the opportunity to strengthen their advocacy.

For more information, contact Shey Thorn

Tel: 251-471-5277 EXT: 6115


Positive Perspectives

Positive Perspectives is an educational, support group that meets once each month, for People Living with HIV/AIDS. Dinner will be served. 


For more information, contact Candace Taylor

Tel: 251-471-5277 EXT: 6102


Food Pantry 

Eligible clients can receive assistance with groceries.  Maintaining a healthy weight is essential when living with HIV.  AIDS Alabama South's Food Pantry provides clients in need with high-quality ingredients for meal preparation.

SS_Food Pantry

AIDS Alabama South's HIV/AIDS Food Pantry is committed to addressing nutrition and as it relates to the complications associated with HIV and AIDS.

The Food Bank:​

  • Distributes nutritionally balanced food boxes and liquid supplements

  • Provides nutritional counselling on healthy eating habits, dealing with dietary challenges and nutritional management as it relates to medication and food interaction.

  • Provides education on food preparation, food budgeting and the importance of exercise. 

  • Provides education on all aspects of food safety including food hygiene and appropriate storage etc.

Food Items You Can Donate:

  • Fruit and vegetables juices

  • Canned Foods

  • Dried Goods

  • Liquid Supplements

  • Others items: sugar, rice, seasonings, pastas, jams, jellies, peanut butter, granola bars, nuts, apple sauce etc.

For more info, please call your AIDS Alabama South case manager.

Mental Health

We offer individual, couples and group counseling to people living with HIV, helping them cope with the effects of being HIV positive and other life challenges.

SS_Mental Health

AIDS Alabama South's Telemedicine counseling services are offered through the Living Well Outpatient Center in collaboration with our main office in Birmingham, Alabama. Counseling services are provided by a counselor in the Birmingham office by way of video conferencing technology that is housed at the Mobile County Health Department.


Telemedicine Counselors are experienced in helping individuals with many issues that include:

  1. Depression

  2. Anxiety/ Stress

  3. Relationship problems (Break-ups, Arguments)

  4. PTSD

  5. Problems relating to sexual orientation (LGBTQI Friendly)

  6. Substance abuse

  7. Negative self- image

  8. Difficulties coping with daily living

  9. Difficulties coping with any type of health problem

  10. Communications Skills



We firmly believe that quality services play an important role in your healthcare, and we want to offer as many core services as possible.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact Charolette Taylor​​

Tel: 251-471-5277 EXT: 6105


Dental Health

Your smile is important to us.

SS_Dental Health

AIDS Alabama South provides routine and emergency dental care for our clients living with HIV.

For more info, please call your AIDS Alabama South case manager.

Linkage to Care

The AIDS Alabama South's Linkage to Care program assists people who have newly tested HIV positive with HIV medical care. 

SS_Linkage to Care

AIDS Alabama South's Linkage to Care program consists of up to 5 sessions, including:


– What is HIV/AIDS and Labs

– Stigma, Privacy/Confidentiality, and Support

– Medication, Side Effects, and Adherence

– Life Span and Life Styles

– Talking with Your Doctor and What to Expect


If one enrolls into the program, the Linkage Coordinator works with the newly tested participants in identifying locations and times that best suit their unique privacy and scheduling needs for each session.


If the participant decides to engage with HIV medical care the Linkage Coordinator is able to join participants in their first two medical appointments, if scheduling permits, to help in the transition to care. * 

Eligibility: Newly tested HIV+ and Enrolled as a AIDS Alabama South client

For more information, contact Tiffinie Chase

Tel: 251-471-5277 EXT: 6106


Housing Assistance

AIDS Alabama South provides a range of housing-related services. Eligible clients can receive financial assistance for rent, utilities, rental deposits, emergency, and short-term supportive housing.

SS_Housing Assistance

AIDS Alabama South provides a range of housing-related services to help people with HIV maintain adequate housing.   Through the years, the agency has adapted its housing program in order to meet the changing needs of our clients. If eligible, AIDS Alabama South provides clients with financial assistance for rent, utilities and rental deposits.

For more info, please call your AIDS Alabama South case manager.

Transportation Assistance

Since getting to appointments can be challenging for some of our clients, we transport eligible clients to health care and social services appointments through public (bus passes) and our own AIDS Alabama South vans. 

SS_Transportation Assist.

AIDS Alabama South provides a range of transportation services for our clients living with HIV.

For more info, please call your AIDS Alabama South case manager.

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