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AIDS Alabama South (AALS) provides essential life-sustaining services to those we serve across 12 counties (Mobile, Escambia, Baldwin, Butler, Clarke, Choctaw, Conecuh, Wilcox, Marengo, Monroe, Covington, and Washington) and 12,545 square miles of Southwest Alabama.

Case Management

Case Management provided at AIDS Alabama South is designed to enhance independence and increase the overall quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS. It is also intended to help clients identify their needs and to overcome the obstacles they may face in obtaining services. 

Food and Hygiene Support Program

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential when living with HIV/AIDS.  AIDS Alabama South's Food Pantry and Hygiene Center provides qualified clients with high quality ingredients for meal preparation and supplements. One of the services an AIDS Alabama South case manager may recommend for a client is AIDS Alabama South's Food Pantry and Hygiene Support Program.  


Housing Assistance

AIDS Alabama South provides a range of housing-related services to help people with HIV maintain adequate housing.   Through the years, the agency has adapted its housing program in order to meet the changing needs of our clients. If eligible, AIDS Alabama South provides clients with financial assistance for rent, utilities and rental deposits.



The rising cost of gasoline and the expense of maintaining a car have caused many of AIDS Alabama South's clients to seek out more affordable transportation to medical and social service appointments.  AIDS Alabama South provides a range of transportation services to qualified clients.


Dental Treatment

Any client living with HIV disease is eligible for dental care. Laboratory records of HIV staging must be made available from the client’s medical provider. Services include: clinical examination, dental radiology, routine fillings, crowns, partials, dentures, and oral surgery.


Linkage to Care

The AIDS Alabama South's Linkage to Care program assists people who have newly tested HIV positive with HIV medical care. 

The program consists of up to 5 sessions, including:


– What is HIV/AIDS and Labs

– Stigma, Privacy/Confidentiality, and Support

– Medication, Side Effects, and Adherence

– Life Span and Life Styles

– Talking with Your Doctor and What to Expect


If one enrolls into the program, the Linkage Coordinator works with the newly tested participants in identifying locations and times that best suit their unique privacy and scheduling needs for each session.


If the participant decides to engage with HIV medical care the Linkage Coordinator is able to join participants in their first two medical appointments, if scheduling permits, to help in the transition to care. * 

Eligibility: Newly tested HIV+ and Enrolled as a AIDS Alabama South client

Mental Health

AIDS Alabama South also provides mental health services to clients with HIV or AIDS.  This includes individual and group counseling sessions, as appropriate for each client. AIDS Alabama South understands that people affected or infected by HIV/AIDS often have limited resources and few places to turn for programs such as mental health counseling. 


Support Groups

AIDS Alabama South offers a wide range of informational, educational and recreational activities for clients and their families.  

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