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Mental Health

We offer individual, couples and group counseling to people living with HIV, helping them cope with the effects of being HIV positive and other life challenges. We provide chemical dependency counseling. Counselors offer therapy to treat anxiety and depression related to one’s health status, troubled relationships and self-esteem.

Counseling & Support

In addition to individual and group counseling sessions, our services include help with work and benefits, drug and alcohol abuse and physical and mental health.

Substance Abuse

AIDS Alabama South offers a safe setting to explore sobriety, find support and obtain referrals for help with drug and alcohol abuse.

AIDS Alabama South's Telemedicine counseling services are offered through the Living Well Outpatient Center in collaboration with our main office in Birmingham, Alabama. Counseling services are provided by a counselor in the Birmingham office by way of video conferencing technology that is housed at the Mobile County Health Department.


Telemedicine Counselors are experienced in helping individuals with many issues that include:

  1. Depression

  2. Anxiety/ Stress

  3. Relationship problems (Break-ups, Arguments)

  4. PTSD

  5. Problems relating to sexual orientation (LGBTQI Friendly)

  6. Substance abuse

  7. Negative self- image

  8. Difficulties coping with daily living

  9. Difficulties coping with any type of health problem

  10. Communications Skills



We firmly believe that quality services play an important role in your healthcare, and we want to offer as many core services as possible.


Charolette Taylor
(251) 272-8927
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm
4321 Downtowner Loop N, Mobile, AL 36609
Counseling times are subject to change.
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